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Failure … At last!

Well … It took some doing … But it finally happened.

The power went out!

I had been pushing things, trying to find the limits … So in a way it was what I was looking for … 

But somehow not what I had been hoping for.

Three different events … Three different scenarios … Three different sets of gear … But the end result the same. 

The power went out.

Notice how much a solar power outage looks like a utility power outage!


One of the failures was pretty simple to figure out, easy to duplicate and explain mathematically.
It turns out if you ask for too much power from an inverter it will shut down … Not unlike what happens when you ask for more than 20 amps of power out of a standard 20 amp wall outlet.

Apparently running my mixing board, an audio processing rack, a couple of wireless systems , a keyboard set up, a bass amplifier, two guitar amplifiers and three QSC MX1500a power amplifiers on stage with the Houston Bernard band for an outdoor festival was asking too much of my 2000 watt sine wave inverter …

Looking back I probably should not have been so surprised!

The only real question for me now was why it had not happened sooner.

A decent inverter will actually produce more power than the wattage it is rated for … For a while. My inverters are capable of handling up to twice their rated output for very short periods of time (a couple of seconds) … Plenty of time to handle the surge current required to turn on some electrical equipment … Easily handling my 1 & 1/2 horsepower compressor for hours on end.

The compressor needs a 20 amp circuit to run … At home it would pop the glass fuse when I forgot and tried plugging it into the 15 amp outlet in the garage … The required fix used to be running a heavy duty 100′ extension cable to the basement to find a 20 amp circuit. These days I just plug the compressor into one of the 2000 watt inverters in the truck with no muss, no fuss … No extension cords required!

The other two failures I have not been able to duplicate … Or been able to explain mathematically … I am beginning to suspect that a loose connection on the 12 volt DC line may have been the “culprit” … I will keep you posted.

Now to figure out the best way to keep the power from going out!

This should help … 4,400 watts now … expandable to 8,800 watts! (time to start adding to my 2,000 pounds of batteries).



To Believe … Or Not To Believe …

 Curiosity is a strange thing … Mildly enjoyable at its best … Devastating at its worst.

Not knowing … But wanting to … At times needing to …

But the answers … At what cost?

At times I think satisfying one’s curiosity is a good thing … But not always. Mystery, Magic and Ghosts are all things I am curious about … Fun to ponder, but if you were to explain them away I think more would be lost than gained.

For example?

I hope the following will suffice …

“What I am about to do is impossible”.

Maybe it was … Maybe it wasn’t … But he had our attention.

A magic trick In an evening of magic tricks … All very well done … Some clever … Some famous … But nothing that might have needed any … Um … actual Magic … 

Until …

I’ve seen him perform the trick twice now … This last time a brass Tibetan prayer bowl was used … The first time a glass brandy snifter … The effect is the same.

He asks for three volunteers from the audience … Three rings.

He provides the rest … A Magic wand, “Abracadabra” and the beauty of the impossible.

Magic? … I’m happy to say I still think so. 

You see, I work in the entertainment industry where all sorts of “magic” occurs on a fairly regular basis, mostly involving time and budgets, but every once in a great while an old trunk of props, a spell or two and a wand is brought in … And twice now, the rarest of the rare … I have seen the impossible.

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “the show must go on”? … In my world a more powerful spell than Abracadabra … It is the phrase that will allow me to believe in Magic for a little while longer.

The most amazing things do come along that could and perhaps should keep the show from going on … Accidents … The weather … An artist not being ready, willing or able … Technical glitches galore … And then one day a broken prop … A little of my behind the scenes magic done and the prop behaves … And as a thank you, the artist offers to share his secret of the impossible!

Was I a fool?

I don’t think so … The secret and wonder for that bit of Magic remains.