Monthly Archives: September 2016

To Believe … Or Not To Believe …

 Curiosity is a strange thing … Mildly enjoyable at its best … Devastating at its worst.

Not knowing … But wanting to … At times needing to …

But the answers … At what cost?

At times I think satisfying one’s curiosity is a good thing … But not always. Mystery, Magic and Ghosts are all things I am curious about … Fun to ponder, but if you were to explain them away I think more would be lost than gained.

For example?

I hope the following will suffice …

“What I am about to do is impossible”.

Maybe it was … Maybe it wasn’t … But he had our attention.

A magic trick In an evening of magic tricks … All very well done … Some clever … Some famous … But nothing that might have needed any … Um … actual Magic … 

Until …

I’ve seen him perform the trick twice now … This last time a brass Tibetan prayer bowl was used … The first time a glass brandy snifter … The effect is the same.

He asks for three volunteers from the audience … Three rings.

He provides the rest … A Magic wand, “Abracadabra” and the beauty of the impossible.

Magic? … I’m happy to say I still think so. 

You see, I work in the entertainment industry where all sorts of “magic” occurs on a fairly regular basis, mostly involving time and budgets, but every once in a great while an old trunk of props, a spell or two and a wand is brought in … And twice now, the rarest of the rare … I have seen the impossible.

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “the show must go on”? … In my world a more powerful spell than Abracadabra … It is the phrase that will allow me to believe in Magic for a little while longer.

The most amazing things do come along that could and perhaps should keep the show from going on … Accidents … The weather … An artist not being ready, willing or able … Technical glitches galore … And then one day a broken prop … A little of my behind the scenes magic done and the prop behaves … And as a thank you, the artist offers to share his secret of the impossible!

Was I a fool?

I don’t think so … The secret and wonder for that bit of Magic remains.